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11 Nisan 2018

Why does Turkey buy S-400 from Russia? Why was the war in Georgia predictable? Professor Mustafa Aydin from Istanbul about the game of strength in the region?

Since 2007, many experts have predicted the course of events in Georgia - We saw Russia pushing Georgia to the wall, waiting for a mistake; what surprised us was the lack of reaction from the West, said Prof. Mustafa Aydin to the Now Russia might escalate the conflict in Ukraine, he thinks. The expert also explained why Ankara is negotiating for the purchase of anti-missile systems. The situation in Ukraine is not stable, there are still some kind of tension, friction, and exacerbation. This may at some point lead to the birth of a further conflict, said Professor Mustafa Aydin from the Kadir Has University in Istanbul, from the Department of International Relations, in conversation with the portal It seems Russia is not satisfied enough there, it has not achieved what it wanted, and if they see the opportunity, it will use it, he said. The analyst also explained why Turkey, a member of NATO, is buying rocket systems from Russia and how the relations between Turkey and Russia will develop


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