Turkish-American Relations

15 Şubat 2020

Despite the inequality between Turkey and the United States (US) from many aspects and disparity in various issues over the years, Turkish-American relations have more than 200 years of history. The heydays of the relations as well as the deepest points were experienced during the Cold War. The relationship at that time were mostly based on a common understanding of external threat perception, and the value of Turkey’s geopolitical position to the US. At the end of the Cold War, however, many analysts questioned whether Turkey could preserve its relevance and importance for the US global policymaking. The fact that Turkish-American relations have transformed into different forms since then attest to both the changing global system and to resilience of the relationship despite these changes. Nevertheless, relations were deeply hurt and strained by the events before and after the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003 to a level that, at some point, even the reliability of both countries as allies came to be questioned by many Turkish and American experts. Although the relationship took a more positive turn later on, recent developments since the Arab uprisings from 2010 onwards once again plunged the relationship into a problematic realm.

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