Trump’s national security strategy

28 Aralık 2017

Starting from his election campaign, United States President Donald Trump has been a controversial politician, drawing attention with his unprecedented statements, actions and tweets. While he is about to complete his first year in office amid constant talk of wrongdoing and possible impeachment, Trump has already demonstrated that he would…


The ‘Iron Silk Road’

09 Kasım 2017

The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line went into operation last week with a ceremony at the Port of Baku, attended by the presidents of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The 826-kilometer rail link, also known as the “Iron Silk Road,” added another layer to the existing infrastructure projects between the…


Tensions in the Asia-Pacific

03 Ağustos 2017

North Korea’s second intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test on July 28, three weeks after its first test on July 4, raised tensions in the Asia-Pacific and strained relations between China and the United States. The U.S. President Donald Trump, while tweeting from his account that the U.S. “will no longer allow this…


The return of nuclear nightmare

04 Mayıs 2017

North Korea’s nuclear testing and missile development program and U.S. opposition to it has recently turned into a credible threat not only to East Asia, but also to international security. As the frequency of missile and nuclear tests by North Korea have increased substantially in recent years, many experts now…


Good riddance, 2016

29 Aralık 2016

As the year comes to an end, looking back might provide insights for the challenges ahead. 2016 will be remembered as a watershed year in the future for the international system. The unpredictability of change, fear of the unknown and the horrors of unabated violence around the world have stamped…


Global challenges for the new US president

10 Kasım 2016

After a heated campaign, Americans elected Donald Trump on Nov. 8 as the next president of their country. The result is also important for the international community because of the United States’ global reach. The contest between a Republican businessman and a former Democrat senator and secretary of state presented…


Tug-of-War in the South China Sea

28 Temmuz 2016

The tumult in the Middle East and North Africa following the outbreak of the Arab Spring in late 2010 and subsequent rise of radicalism created insecurity not only for the region, but also for the whole world with its spillover effects. The international developments in recent years such as Russia’s…


The geopolitics of energy resources

14 Nisan 2016

Energy has been the defining factor in human development and determining factor in the hegemonic structure of world politics. The fundamental role of coal and steam, as key ingredients of the Industrial Revolution, and global control of their trade in the 18th and 19th century by the British Empire led…


The real threat to us all: Climate change

17 Aralık 2015

At long last, after years of bickering and weeks of intense bargaining, the world’s leaders acknowledged the current dismal state of the environment in Paris on Dec. 11 and pledged their support to attempt to prevent a global catastrophe in the foreseeable future by agreeing on several preventive measures. The…


Quest for a multipolar world order

16 Temmuz 2015

Russia hosted two important gatherings, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS (the five emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summits on July 8-10, 2015, in the Russian city of Ufa, as the simultaneous holder of the rotating chairmanships of both institutions. The timing of the…


The realignment of the world

02 Nisan 2015

Bu yazı 02.04.2015 tarihinde Hurriyet Daily News Gazetesi'nde yayımlanmıştır. Since the end of the Cold War, the international system has been fluctuating. While the bipolar system has ended, no equivalent is in place yet. In the early days of the post-Cold War era, some talked about the unipolar moment as the…


Focus on foreign affairs is needed

10 Nisan 2014

Bu yazı 10.04.2014 tarihinde Hurriyet Daily News Gazetesi'nde yayımlanmıştır. The foreign policy of any country naturally flows from its domestic political system. It is true for any country that politicians will foremost focus on domestic political developments and economic problems and that international issues come after. Finally, in every country, elections…


Strateji ve Güvenlik

21 Ekim 2012

Bireylerin varlıklarını sürdürebilmek için su ve yiyecek kadar temel ihtiyaçlarından birisi olan güvenlik, 1940’lardan bu yana Uluslararası İlişkiler disiplininin ana araştırma meseleleri arasında yer alır. Soğuk Savaş yılları boyunca Stratejik Çalışmalar çatısında strateji, savaş, jeopolitik ve caydırıcılık kimi çeşitli kardeş kavramlarla birarada anılan ve devlet-merkezli, askeri sorunlara odaklanan güvenlik kavramı,…