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Foreign Policy, 1923-2018

05 Kasım 2019

 FOREIGN POLICY, 1923-2018 Turkey is a country full of contradictions. Its foreign policy seems, at the first glance, a hodgepodge of reactions to external events rather than part of a long-term design. A closer look, however, provides outlines of a general framework, conditioned by its geography and history, the international…


A Research Strategy To Secure Energy, Water, and Food via Developing Sustainable Land and Water Management in Turkey

11 Kasım 2009

FACING GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE: ENVIRONMENTAL, HUMAN, ENERGY, FOOD, HEALTH AND WATER SECURITY CONCEPTS , Ed. by Hans Günter Brauch, Berlin and New York, Springer, 2009, 603-613   Burcak Kapur, Erhan Akca, H. Eswaran and Mustafa Aydın One of the basic contentions of the neo-realist worldview has been the argument that…