Armenian struggle for change

26 Nisan 2018

The resignation of the newly appointed Armenian Prime Minister  Sargsyan'>Serzh Sargsyan on April 23 after 11 days of mass demonstrations by the public have briefly brought back the sparkle of colored revolutions of the early 2000s to the Caucasus.  The situation could not be more different. The Armenians took to the streets on April 13 to “reject Serzh”…


Turkish-Greek travails

12 Nisan 2018

In the conventional parlance of international politics, Turkey and Greece have been in a rapprochement process since 1999 and their foreign ministries have also been engaged in high-level proximity talks. Although no tangible progress toward a solution has been achieved in any of their disputes over the Aegean Sea –related to…


Syria at a crossroads

05 Nisan 2018

The Syrian civil war has entered its eight year with no sign of ending soon. On the contrary, the further entanglement of regional and international actors in the conflict hints at a likely continuation of violence. The humanitarian aspect of the civil war has already become the biggest ever crisis…


Escalation in the spy game

29 Mart 2018

In the highly competitive and globalized atmosphere of international politics, states routinely use human intelligence, as well as technology, to gather information about each other. Although data collection methods and techniques have diversified with the advance of technology, traditional methods of sending spies abroad or recruiting high placed foreign nationals…