Güney Kafkasya ve Rusya

29 Mart 2018

The situation in the Southern Caucasus, Russia's activities, the role and interests of Turkey, Iran, the European Union and the United States in the region were discussed at the College of Europe in Natolin by Dr. Tracey German from King's College in London, Yana Zabanova from the University of Groningen,…


‘Rex-it’ effect in US foreign policy

22 Mart 2018

Since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been astonishing global watchers with his unpredictable, harsh, and sometimes reckless style in policy implementation. Most recently, he fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, announcing on Twitter that he would be replaced by Mike Pompeo, director of the CIA. Despite all…


Putin reloaded

08 Mart 2018

Hardly anyone notices these days, but Vladimir’s Putin’s Russia is heading towards another presidential election, or more correctly re-election, on March 18. The vote will mark a new era for Russia, not because there is any doubt that current president Putin will comfortably win a fourth term, but because he…


Messages from Moscow

23 Şubat 2018

International forums that bring policy makers, experts and journalists together have become important platforms in the post-cold war era to deliver political messages and induce debate in a semi-friendly atmosphere. The Munich Security Conference or Davos Economic Forum have become such occasions, and are eagerly attended by policy-makers and analysts.…